PCI fees and charges

There are three types of fees related to PCI compliance. 





PCI Management 

The cost for us to manage compliance on your account and membership to the PCI programme, including assisting you with quarterly scans of your network and providing you with security advice.

£4.95 or €4.95 per month. 

Billed quarterly.

PCI Phone Validation

This is the charge if we've helped you through PCI compliance with our one-to-one phone service. 

Cost can vary. 

Optional and billed once per year.

PCI Non-Compliance

This is the penalty charge for not complying with PCI DSS, which are industry standards for card payment security. 

Find out how to become compliant.

£35 or €25 ex VAT per non-PCI compliant calendar month.

All new Paymentsense customers have a two month grace period to become compliant and avoid this charge. 



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