How to become compliant with PCI DSS

To become PCI compliant you need to:

1. Complete an online compliance assessment every 12 months on our PCI portal.

2. Pay monthly PCI management fee (£4.95 or €4.95) which is included in your quarterly Paymentsense invoice.  It helps us to manage compliance on your account and membership to the PCI programme, including assisting you with quarterly scans of your network and providing you with security advice.

Need help? Use our phone validation service

We understand that your time is precious and completing the compliance assessment can be confusing. Contact our team of PCI specialists on 0808 169 1479. Our phone validation service is the quickest and easiest way to complete the assessment correctly, ensuring you are PCI compliant for a whole year.

Online compliance assessment

The online assessment must be completed every 12 months and assesses the potential risks of your payment process system. It contains four parts:

  • SAQ
  • SCAN - if Applicable

Complete the assessment via our PCI Portal. We send all new Paymentsense customers login details when you sign up with us. The assessment can range from 14 to over 300 questions, depending on your type of business and payment method used.

Click here to visit the PCI Portal


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