What is MasterPass?





We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with MasterCard to bring support for MasterPass to our online payment solution.

MasterPass is a digital wallet solution that allows customers to pay online using just a username and password instead of their full card details.

This new payment method makes it quicker than ever for customer to purchase online and the advanced security and fraud detection tools provide powerful protection.

We have automatically enabled MasterPass on all our merchants Live production accounts. The transactions will be processed through their current merchant account and will appear as a standard credit card transaction in MMS transaction reporting.

Merchants can disable MasterPass on their accounts by logging into the Merchant Management System (MMS) by navigating to the Account Admin | Account Settings page.

This is only available for merchants setting up their website with Hosted Integration.

For more information about MasterPass and the benefits that it can bring, please click the following link: https://masterpass.com/#en-uk/formerchants



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