How do I process a sale?

For Spire machines please follow the instructions below:

1. You can start a Chip and PIN sale transaction in one of two ways:
          • Select SALE from the Idle Screen and insert a Chip Card into the terminal’s Chip Card reader.
          • Insert the Chip Card straight into the terminal’s Chip Card reader.

2. Type in the SALE AMOUNT in pence or cents (in Republic of Ireland / ROI) and press Enter.
Example: Typing in 1000 would equate to a value of £10.00 (€10.00 in ROI).

3. The customer must type in their Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the terminal keypad. After the PIN has been typed in, the customer should press Enter. The terminal will now attempt to connect to the Acquirer. The terminal will then display a response. If the transaction is APPROVED, the Approval Code will then be displayed and the terminal will print the Merchant Copy of the receipt.

4. Remove the card and tear off the Merchant Copy of the receipt and press OK/Enter. The terminal will then print the Customer Copy of the receipt and display the response again.

5. Tear off the Customer Copy and hand it to the customer along with their card. Then press Enter to return to the idle screen.


For Ingenico machines please follow the instructions below:

If your terminal is configured to accept Contactless payments it will always expect you to enter the transaction amount first for whichever type of transaction you are performing. If your terminal is NOT configured for Contactless payments you maybe asked to insert the customer’s card first rather than key in the transaction amount first to initiate the transaction. If you are asked to ‘Insert Card’ first you will then be asked to key in an amount; continue from the ‘Checking Card Prompt’ for the transaction type selected.

1. At the READY prompt,  key in the amount of the Sale and then press the GREEN button. The terminal will display (if the value is less than the contactless limit it will also display a Contactless symbol)

2.  Hand the terminal to the customer. The customer should enter their PIN, as they do so asterisks will appear on the screen. Now press the GREEN button.

3. The terminal will now print a receipt which the CUSTOMER must retain for their records.  Tear off the receipt and press the GREEN button to continue. Should you require a reprint of the receipt press the MENU button.

4. You will now be prompted to remove the customer’s card. The terminal will then print a MERCHANT receipt which must be kept for your records.

5. Press the GREEN button and the terminal will return to the READY prompt.

If you require more information, please follow the link below for the terminal you are using:

Spire Ingenico 
Desktop Terminal - T4220 Desktop Terminal - ICT220 / ICT250
Bluetooth Terminal - M4240 Portable Terminal - IWL222 / IWL252
GPRS Terminal - M4230 Mobile Terminal - IWL221


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