How do I insert a paper roll?

For Spire machines please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the printer cover by pinching the sides and pulling up firmly.
  2. Ensure any packaging or wrapping on your new paper roll has been removed.
  3. With the paper feeding from underneath, drop the paper roll into the holder and pull the paper over the display of your terminal.
  4. With this paper covering the screen, shut the printer cover.  You should hear a click when this has closed correctly.
  5. You can now tear off the paper covering the terminal display and power your terminal on, ready to use. 

For Ingenico machines please follow the instructions below:

  1. Hold the terminal securely in one hand. With the other hand, and by using two fingers, lift the printer cover release as shown. Fully open the printer cover and remove the old roll of paper.
  2. Unstick the end of the new roll, leaving the end free, hold the paper roll as shown and carefully place into the printer compartment.
  3. Holding the free end of the paper and the terminal, close the printer cover and push firmly until it locks. Pressing the yellow CLEAR button will feed the paper through.

If you require more information, please follow the link below for the terminal you are using:

Spire Ingenico 
Desktop Terminal - T4220 Desktop Terminal - ICT220 / ICT250
Bluetooth Terminal - M4240 Portable Terminal - IWL222 / IWL252
GPRS Terminal - M4230 Mobile Terminal - IWL221


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