How do I complete my End of Day Banking / Settlement?

It is best practice to complete your end of day banking or settlement at the end of each business day.

For Spire machines please follow the instructions below:

1. When the Idle screen is displayed, press the SETTLE button on the keypad of the terminal.

2. When prompted, swipe your supervisor card.

3. You will then be asked to select the acquirer you want to run the settlement on, and we recommend that you select ALL HOSTS to ensure settlement is completed for all acquirers.

4. The terminal will connect to the acquirers you have selected and will print out a settlement report. 


For Ingenico machines please follow the instructions below:

1. At the READY prompt, press the MENU button twice. The TOTALS option will be highlighted. Press the GREEN button and the TOTALS menu will be displayed.

2. Use the arrow keys to view the available options and press the GREEN button when the End of Day option is highlighted. You will then be asked to swipe the Supervisor Card or enter your Supervisor Code through the terminal.

3. Press the GREEN button to proceed.

4. You will now have the choice of selecting totals for ALL card types or selecting those card types you wish to bank.

5. Press the GREEN button to reconcile ALL card types and the terminal will contact each acquirer in turn before printing the report or press the YELLOW button to select
the acquirers you wish to reconcile.


If you require more information, please follow the link below for the terminal you are using:

Spire Ingenico 
Desktop Terminal - T4220 Desktop Terminal - ICT220 / ICT250
Bluetooth Terminal - M4240 Portable Terminal - IWL222 / IWL252
GPRS Terminal - M4230 Mobile Terminal - IWL221


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